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What Does a 2-Month-Old Baby Do?

Baby changes at two months old

After two months of age, your baby moves past the newborn stage. By this time, your baby changes in so many ways and so do you. Let us have a look at what a two-month-old baby can do.

Motor skills

Two-month-old babies can hold their heads a little steadier such as during tummy times and while they are held upright.

Your baby may begin to suck things apart from your breast such as their fingers.

When given a toy, your two-month-old baby may play with it by tapping on it. They may begin to hold the object a little tighter.


At two months old, your baby needs to get four to six ounces of milk during every feed at three- to four-hour intervals during the day and greater intervals during the night. If your baby is not gaining weight, you will have to wake them up to feed them.

Most probably, your pediatrician will still recommend continuing vitamin D supplements for your baby.


Your baby sleeps 15 to 16 hours, but not in one stretch. They sleep this many hours throughout the course of 24 hours. For breastfeeding, they will wake up every three to four hours.


Your two-month-old should move their eyes to follow movements when you or anyone walks close by.

As your baby’s hearing improves, they will respond to sounds. You will know that they enjoy listening to certain sounds such as the sound of your voice.


At two months of age, you may hear additional signals from your baby apart from crying. Your baby may begin to gurgle and grunt. They may also begin to make sweet coos and smile.

Try talking to your baby. They won’t understand, but it will encourage them to respond to you by making sounds.

Medically Reviewed on 6/10/2021


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