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What Does Kickboxing Do to Your Body?


Kickboxing is a versatile martial art that helps strengthen your body and increases your stamina.

Kickboxing is a versatile martial art that helps strengthen your body and increases your stamina. It involves kicking and punching in the air or on pads/punching bags. Here are the benefits that come with kickboxing:

Acts as a full-body workout:

If you do it the right way, kickboxing acts as a full-body workout by working on all the muscles of your body. Though it specifically targets your arms, legs, and core, it acts on all muscles of your body. When you strike the punching bag with your feet and hands, it uses various muscles of the body and not just those in the feet or hands. The activity helps you become strong quickly.

Kickboxing itself and all the other training exercises that you do for it often strengthens and tones every muscle of your body.

Increases your flexibility and improves balance:

Another great thing that kickboxing can do for you is to help increase your flexibility. The activity involves stretching your muscles, which helps increase your flexibility over a period.

Being more flexible also improves your balance. When you are flexible, you can keep yourself from falling. Kickboxing involves a lot of standing on one leg while kicking with the other leg, forcing you to balance on one leg.

Cardio exercise:

Increasing your breathing helps to make your heart and lungs stronger. Thus, this serves the role of cardio activity as well. Just like the muscles in your arm, leg, and core, the more you work the cardiac muscles, the stronger and efficient they become. Once your heart becomes stronger, you will be able to endure the other workout activities, including kickboxing, for a longer time without taking many breaks in between.

Losing weight:

Kickboxing helps you burn calories and lose weight. You can expect to get a better body shape and weight with this exercise.

Kickboxing helps enhance your metabolism too; your body will continue to burn calories even when you are done working out.

A good option for cross training your muscles:

Sometimes, you may get bored of your usual weight training routine or your cardio activities. Kickboxing can be a good break as a cross-training activity. Focusing on only one type of exercise is not a good idea. If you do only weight training, you will not be able to increase your endurance and if you do only cardio exercises, you would not get the expected strength of muscles. With kickboxing, you reap the benefits of both types of exercises. The exercise makes use of aspects of both cardio and weight training, giving you a fitter and healthier body.

Equips you with self-defense skills:

Once you learn and perform kickboxing regularly, you also learn the basic skills of self-defense. You learn what kind of pressure needs to be exerted when you are attacked by a thief or bullies.

Besides all the positive effects it has on your body, it has a beneficial role in clearing the clutter in your mind too. A kickboxing session can act as a mode of venting out your rage or anger and helps relieve your stress.

Kickboxing can cause muscle injuries as well. If you have any health conditions, speak to your doctor to know if kickboxing is good for you. It is also recommended to join a certified kickboxing class and get trained by a fitness expert.

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