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Your Expressions Will Give Your True Feelings Away To Women

I have always been a master at reading people’s expressions. I can tell you exactly what someone is thinking just by paying attention to their expressions, and I have learned to adjust my behavior or conversation to encourage someone to feel better about me.

I think many people are like this, but I really feel that women are better at reading expressions than men are. In fact, so does the research.

I have had a lot of experience with guys who cannot read women very well – even when their expressions are clearly showing their emotions.

And, I and my friends have been able to pick up on what a guy was thinking before he even said a word.

What Does This Have To Do With Picking Up Women?

I have written a post on how to use your body language to attract women, but I want to make it clear in this post that your expressions can give away your true feelings, even if you perfect your body language to show interest or enthusiasm.

For example, if your facial expression shows disgust (even a hint of disgust) the chances are good a woman will pick up on it and use that information to help her decide whether or not she wants to get to know you more. (Hint: Not a lot of women want to be with a guy who is disgusted by them!)

In reality, expressions are a HUGE part of body language.

When I took a college program for interpreting for the deaf, expressions were extremely important in getting our message across in sign language. They help you get your point across.

If your facial expressions don’t match what you are signing, then it really doesn’t make any sense – it gets confusing. And that logic can be applied to verbal conversation too.

Expressions are pretty universal. Happiness, sadness, anger, disgust and lust can all be determined simply by looking at someone’s facial expressions.

Small tiny movements in the face happen instantly when emotions are felt, even if for only a second, and a woman who is very perceptive will be able to pick up your true intent behind your words and your behaviors.

These expressions are so universal that even a machine can pick them up. Seriously! Watch the following TED talk about an app that can tell you how you feel just from the look on your face.

It’s interesting to note that she says we all use our expressions, even when we are alone or in front of the computer. They are natural, and it is very hard to hide our true feelings with our expression.

Pay Attention To Your Expressions

Keep all this in mind as you go about being single or even as you date a woman.

For instance, you can try to hide your interest in a woman. You may think you have a poker face on, but all she needs is one glimpse that shows her interest, and she will have a much better idea of your intentions.

Alternatively, you may think that you are showing her interest through your body language or words, but if you keep giving her looks of disgust, anger, annoyance, or any other negative emotions, your looks will convey all she needs to know and she will probably not be very motivated to give you her number or show interest in you.

And lastly, if you keep screwing up with women, then your expressions may be giving away your true thoughts, which for whatever the reason are not very appealing to women. That’s definitely something to keep in mind as you improve your skills with women.

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